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Affordable DIY Shimmery Loose Powder: Shine Like a Star

About the author: Jinane Doughan is a professional make-up artist with a degree from the French Fashion Institute ESMOD Dubai. She specialized in natural handmade skincare and haircare products.
Her YouTube channel, Jinane World, has 600+ educational videos and 100K+ subscribers.
She is an accredited Master Trainer and gives courses at a reputed academy that has 16 branches worldwide. She sells online courses about natural skincare.
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Use any natural skincare or haircare products at your own risk and perform a patch test before use.

Introducing a secret beauty weapon that won’t break the bank: Affordable DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. In the world of makeup, achieving that radiant, star-like glow often comes with a hefty price tag. However, with this simple yet effective DIY solution, you can shine like a star without emptying your wallet.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the easy steps to create your very own shimmery loose powder using readily available ingredients. Let’s dive in and discover how to unlock your inner radiance and get ready to shine like a star!

Ingredients Needed

  • Corn flour
  • Mica color powder. The color depends on your skin tone. For fair and light skin tone, use gold mica color. For medium and dark tone, use bronze mica color.

Choose high-quality ingredients to boost the effectiveness and safety of your DIY beauty products. Also, where an essential oil is included in my recipes, I utilize either of two types of essential oils: pure, if added in drops, or diluted, if mixed in grams.

Tools Needed

  • Bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • Wooden popsicle
  • Small powder container to store your DIY Shimmery Loose Powder

Prior to use, ensure that both your utensils and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected. Wash them with warm soapy water, dry with a tissue, and then sanitize by spraying with 70% medical alcohol. Wipe them clean and let them air dry before use.

Steps: DIY Shimmery Loose Powder

Spoon Measurement Terms

In some of our articles, and for non-liquid ingredients, we use the measurements ‘One Spoon,’ ‘Rounded Spoon,’ and ‘Heaped Spoon’, to measure the quantity of ingredients, rather than precise measurements in grams or ounces. This is because adding a little more or less of the ingredient does not affect the final product. Both tablespoons and teaspoons follow these guidelines. Here’s a brief explanation of these terms:

  • One Spoon: Fill the ingredient in a measuring spoon, leveling it with a straight edge.
  • Rounded Spoon: More than a level measurement, with the ingredient piled above the spoon’s edge in a rounded shape.
  • Heaped Spoon: The non-liquid ingredient is scooped as high as possible on a spoon.

1- Start by putting two heaped teaspoons of corn flour in a bowl.

DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Add corn flour
Add corn flour

2- Add a 1/2 teaspoon of mica color powder. Here, I am using bronze mica color.

DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Add mica color powder
Add mica color powder

3- With a wooden popsicle or a teaspoon, mix thoroughly the corn flour and the mica color powder, till you achieve a uniform, homogeneous blend.

DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Mix thoroughly
Homogeneous blend

4- Apply a little of the shimmery loose powder on the inside of your wrist. Check the color and the sparkle on your skin. If you prefer a more intense effect, add more mica powder and mix well.

5- Put the DIY Shimmery Loose Powder in a small powder container, seal it, and you’re done!

DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Final product
DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Final product

How to Use: DIY Shimmery Loose Powder

Whether you apply it directly to the skin or use it as a highlighter, here’s how to make the most of your DIY Shimmery Loose Powder:

For Direct Application:

  1. Prep Your Skin: Start with clean, moisturized skin. Ensure your face is free from any excess oil or previous makeup for the best results.
  2. Dispense the Powder: Shake a small amount of your homemade shimmery loose powder onto a clean surface or into the lid for precise control.
  3. Select Your Brush: Opt for a soft, fluffy makeup brush suitable for loose powders. Tap the brush gently to remove any excess product to prevent excessive shimmer.
  4. Strategically Apply: With the brush lightly coated in your shimmery powder, gently sweep it directly onto your skin. Focus on areas where you want to infuse radiance. Common application areas include the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, your brow bone, and your Cupid’s bow.
  5. Blend Effortlessly: Use gentle, sweeping motions to blend the shimmery powder into your skin. This ensures a seamless, natural finish that enhances your overall glow.
  6. Layer Gradually: If you desire a more pronounced shimmer, consider layering the powder. However, keep in mind that moderation often yields the most appealing results.

As a Highlighter Over Makeup:

  1. Complete Your Makeup: Apply your makeup as usual, including foundation, concealer, and any other products you typically use.
  2. Prepare the Powder: Pour a small amount of your DIY shimmery loose powder onto a clean surface or into the lid. Tap the brush to remove excess.
  3. Highlighting: With the brush coated in the shimmery powder, gently sweep it over areas you want to highlight, such as the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, collarbone, or shoulders. This adds a touch of glamour to your makeup look.
  4. Blend with Precision: Use soft blending motions to seamlessly incorporate the shimmer into your makeup, creating a radiant and polished finish.

Enjoy the versatility and radiance of your DIY Shimmery Loose Powder!

DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Woman applying powder


Here are the top benefits of using DIY Shimmery Loose Powder:

  1. Sparkling Radiance: Whether applied directly to the skin or used as a highlighter, DIY Shimmery Loose Powder adds a touch of sparkling radiance to your makeup.
  2. Affordability: DIY Shimmery Loose Powder is a cost-effective way to add a radiant shimmer to your skin or makeup. It saves you money compared to expensive commercial products.
  3. Customization: This homemade powder offers complete customization. You can adjust the shimmer intensity and experiment with different shades using mica color powder to suit your preferences for both application methods.
  4. Natural Ingredients: DIY Shimmery Loose Powder, made with corn flour and mica color powder, is generally gentle on the skin and suitable for various skin types.
  5. Versatility: Whether you choose to apply it directly for an all-over glow or as a highlighter to accentuate specific areas, DIY Shimmery Loose Powder proves to be a versatile and adaptable beauty tool, adding charm to your makeup repertoire.
DIY Shimmery Loose Powder. Woman with makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DIY Shimmery Loose Powder, and how can I use it?

  • DIY Shimmery Loose Powder, incorporating corn flour and mica color powder, is a versatile makeup product suitable for direct application to the skin or as a highlighter to enhance your makeup look.

2. What ingredients do I need to make DIY Shimmery Loose Powder?

  • You’ll require corn flour and mica color powder to create your customized shimmery loose powder for both application methods.

3. Is DIY Shimmery Loose Powder suitable for different skin types?

  • DIY Shimmery Loose Powder, with its natural ingredients, is generally gentle on various skin types, making it suitable for both direct application and use as a highlighter.

4. Can I adjust the intensity of shimmer?

  • Yes, you can tailor the shimmer intensity by modifying the ratio of corn flour to mica color powder, allowing you to achieve your desired level of radiance for either application method.

5. How do I store my DIY Shimmery Loose Powder?

  • Preserve the quality of your DIY Shimmery Loose Powder by storing it in a clean, airtight container, shielded from direct sunlight and moisture.

6. Can I create different shades of shimmery loose powder?

  • Absolutely! You have the creative freedom to experiment with various shades using mica color powder, allowing you to craft a diverse range of customized shades for both applications.

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