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DIY Natural Makeup Concealer: Say Goodbye to Chemicals!

About the author: Jinane Doughan is a professional make-up artist with a degree from the French Fashion Institute ESMOD Dubai. She specialized in natural handmade skincare and haircare products.
Her YouTube channel, Jinane World, has 600+ educational videos and 100K+ subscribers.
She is an accredited Master Trainer and gives courses at a reputed academy that has 16 branches worldwide. She sells online courses about natural skincare.
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Use any natural skincare or haircare products at your own risk and perform a patch test before use.

If you want to avoid chemicals and synthetic ingredients in your makeup products, you might be interested in creating your own DIY natural makeup concealer.

So, what is a makeup concealer? A concealer is a makeup product used to cover imperfections on the skin, such as blemishes and dark circles. It comes in different forms such as liquids, creams, and sticks, and can be used to create a smooth base for makeup application.

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Woman applying concealer.
Woman applying concealer

While many commercial makeup concealers contain harmful chemicals, a handmade concealer made from safe and natural ingredients can be a great alternative.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own natural makeup concealer using just four ingredients: zinc oxide, yellow clay, beeswax, and almond oil. By following our easy and affordable recipe, you can achieve a flawless coverage that not only looks great but is also good for your skin. Let’s get started!

Ingredients Needed

  • Zinc oxide
  • Yellow clay
  • Beeswax
  • Sweet almond oil

Choose high-quality ingredients to boost the effectiveness and safety of your DIY beauty products. Also, where an essential oil is included in my recipes, I utilize either of two types of essential oils: pure, if added in drops, or diluted, if mixed in grams.

Tools Needed

  • Scale to measure quantities
  • Small bowl
  • Measuring spoons. These can be useful for future DIY products
  • Large pot
  • Whisk
  • Containers to store the concealer

Steps: DIY Natural Makeup Concealer

1- Add 5 grams (0.18 oz) of beeswax to the small bowl.

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer - Adding the beeswax
Adding the beeswax

2- Add 15 grams (0.53 oz) of yellow clay.

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Adding the yellow clay
Adding the yellow clay

3- Add 15 grams (0.53 oz) of zinc oxide.

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Adding the zinc oxide
Adding the zinc oxide

4- Add 35 grams (1.23 oz) of almond oil.

5- Mix the ingredients with a whisk for 10-15 seconds.

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Mixing the ingredients together
Mixing the ingredients together

6- Perform a hot water bath for the small bowl to melt the ingredients, especially the beeswax.

A hot water bath is done by placing the small bowl in a larger pot of hot steaming water. This will gradually melt whatever is inside the bowl without causing it to burn. As the contents of the bowl melt, make sure to mix every now and then.

7- Empty the contents of the bowl into a container of your choosing.

8- Let the mixture cool and harden and you’re all done!

DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Final product
DIY Natural Makeup Concealer. Final product

9- The quantities of the ingredients we used are enough to make 70 grams (2.47 oz), which can fill three containers of 20 grams capacity each and one small container of 10 grams capacity, as per the image below. Of course, you can make less quantity of the concealer by reducing proportionally the quantities of the ingredients.

DIY natural makeup concealer. The 4 containers
Three 20g containers and one 10g container

Using the DIY Natural Makeup Concealer

Start with a clean and moisturized face. This can help the concealer stay in place all day.

Next, take a small amount of concealer (you can use your fingertips or a small brush) and apply it to your skin. Specific areas such as dark spots, blemishes, and even circles under your eyes are good areas to start.

Note: If you want to set the concealer in place, you can dust a light layer of loose powder over it. This can help prevent any smudging and creasing throughout the day.

Finally, if you notice that the concealer is starting to wear off throughout the day, you can touch it up by applying a small amount of product to the affected area and blending it in.

Benefits of the DIY Natural Makeup Concealer

The DIY concealer can provide some of the following benefits:

  • Has natural ingredients: Compared to the many consumer products you’ll find in the market, the DIY natural makeup concealer is all-natural. The ingredients are gentle on the skin, which can reduce breakouts, irritation, and other skin issues.
  • Is cost-effective: Making your own concealer at home will surely save you money in the long run. This is because the ingredients you’ll use are cheap and easily found in health food stores or online. Overall, the DIY natural makeup concealer is much more cost-effective than any packaged product found in the market.
  • Is fully customizable: You can customize your DIY concealer in many ways to suit your skin’s needs.
  • Has hydration properties: The DIY natural makeup concealer can help nourish and moisturize your skin. This can help improve your skin’s overall appearance and health in the long run.

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Video How-To on My Channel | Jinane World

The steps to make the DIY natural makeup concealer are demonstrated in this video.

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