Easy DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with Lemon: Nourish Your Skin

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About the author: Jinane Doughan is a professional make-up artist with a degree from the French Fashion Institute ESMOD Dubai. She specialized in natural handmade skincare and haircare products.
Her YouTube channel, Jinane World, has 600+ educational videos and 100K+ subscribers.
She is an accredited Master Trainer and gives courses at a reputed academy that has 16 branches worldwide. She sells online courses about natural skincare.
Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Use any natural skincare or haircare products at your own risk and perform a patch test before use.

Welcome to our guide on creating a nourishing DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with the refreshing essence of lemon. In this easy-to-follow tutorial, we’ll show you how to craft an all-natural body butter using shea butter, a touch of mica color powder for a hint of shimmer, and the zesty aroma of lemon essential oil.

Pamper your skin and elevate your self-care routine with this simple, yet luxurious, homemade moisturizer. Let’s dive into the steps to achieve skin that feels silky, hydrated, and revitalized.

Ingredients Needed

  • Shea butter – Soft, odorless
  • Mica color powder – Yellow color
  • Lemon essential oil

Choose high-quality ingredients to boost the effectiveness and safety of your DIY beauty products. Also, where an essential oil is included in my recipes, I utilize either of two types of essential oils: pure, if added in drops, or diluted, if mixed in grams.

Tools Needed

  • Bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • Small whisk
  • Small container to store your DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with Lemon

Prior to use, ensure that both your utensils and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected. Wash them with warm soapy water, dry with a tissue, and then sanitize by spraying with 70% medical alcohol. Wipe them clean and let them air dry before use.

Steps: DIY Body Moisturizing Butter – Lemon

Spoon Measurement Terms

In some of our articles, and for non-liquid ingredients, we use the measurements ‘One Spoon,’ ‘Rounded Spoon,’ and ‘Heaped Spoon’, to measure the quantity of ingredients, rather than precise measurements in grams or ounces. This is because adding a little more or less of the ingredient does not affect the final product. Both tablespoons and teaspoons follow these guidelines. Here’s a brief explanation of these terms:

  • One Spoon: Fill the ingredient in a measuring spoon, leveling it with a straight edge.
  • Rounded Spoon: More than a level measurement, with the ingredient piled above the spoon’s edge in a rounded shape.
  • Heaped Spoon: The non-liquid ingredient is scooped as high as possible on a spoon.

1- Start by putting two heaped teaspoons of soft, odorless shea butter in a bowl.

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Put shea butter in a bowl
Put shea butter in a bowl

2- Add a little mica color powder. Since this is a lemon body moisturizing butter, use yellow mica color. In the image below, I didn’t have yellow, so I used gold mica color.

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Add a little mica color powder
Add a little mica color powder
DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Mica color added to the butter
Mica color added to the butter

3- With a teaspoon, mix the mica color powder with the shea butter.

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Mix the color
Mix the color

4- To ensure the mica color is completely mixed with the shea butter, melt the shea butter by placing the bowl in a bain-marie (hot water bath). A bain-marie is done by placing the bowl in a larger pot of hot steaming water. This will gradually melt the butter.

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. After the bain-marie
After the bain-marie

5- After the bain-marie, stir the contents with a small whisk.

6- Allow the mixture to cool down slightly. This step is crucial before adding the essential oil, as excessive heat can cause the oil to evaporate. To check if it has cooled sufficiently, simply hold the bowl in your hands. When it feels comfortable to hold, it’s the right temperature to add the essential oil.

7- Add 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil.

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Add lemon essential oil
Add lemon essential oil

8- Mix thoroughly with the whisk.

9- Pour the mixture into a small container.

10- Allow the DIY Body Moisturizing Butter to cool down, and you’re done!

DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Final product
DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. Final product

How To Use: DIY Body Moisturizing Butter – Lemon

To make the most of your DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with Lemon, it’s important to follow these simple usage instructions. Please note that this product is not recommended for sensitive skin due to the presence of lemon essential oil, which can sometimes cause irritation in individuals with sensitive skin.

  1. Cleanse: Begin with clean, dry skin. Ensure you’ve washed away any impurities or residues from your skin before application.
  2. Apply Sparingly: Since this body butter is rich and nourishing, a little goes a long way. Take a small amount (a dime-sized portion) and gently rub it between your palms to warm it up.
  3. Massage In: Apply the warmed body butter to your skin using gentle, circular motions. Focus on dry or rough areas like elbows, knees, and heels.
  4. Avoid Sensitive Areas: Be cautious around sensitive areas such as the face, neck, and any areas prone to irritation.
  5. Allow Absorption: Allow some time for the body butter to absorb into your skin fully. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.
  6. Avoid Sun Exposure: Due to the presence of citrus-based lemon essential oil, it’s best to use this body butter in the evening or before bedtime. Lemon oil can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so avoid direct sun exposure after application.


Using your homemade DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with lemon can provide several fantastic benefits for your skin. Here are the top five:

  1. Intense Hydration: This body butter deeply moisturizes your skin, locking in moisture for hours. It’s especially effective in combating dryness, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  2. Refreshed and Revitalized: The invigorating lemon fragrance not only uplifts your senses but also provides a refreshing feel to your skin, making you feel more awake and revitalized.
  3. Nourishing Shea Butter: Shea butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, providing essential nutrients to your skin. It helps in promoting skin elasticity and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.
  4. Subtle Shimmer: The addition of mica color powder gives your skin a subtle shimmer, perfect for a touch of glamour, especially for special occasions or when you want that extra glow.
  5. Customized Skincare: By making your body butter at home, you have control over the ingredients, ensuring that you’re using natural, chemical-free products that are tailored to your preferences and needs.
DIY Body Moisturizing Butter. A collection of different colors and fragrances

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with Lemon:

1. Can I use this body butter on my face?
We recommend avoiding the face, neck, and any sensitive areas when using this body butter, as lemon essential oil can be harsh on sensitive skin. Instead, opt for a facial moisturizer specifically designed for your face.

2. How long does the homemade body butter stay fresh?
When stored in a cool, dark place, this body butter can stay fresh for up to six months. To extend its shelf life, avoid introducing water into the container and always use clean hands when applying.

3. Can I customize the scent with different essential oils?
Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with other essential oils to create a scent that suits your preferences. Just ensure that the chosen essential oil is safe for topical application.

4. Will the mica color powder stain my clothes or skin?
The mica color powder is typically used in small quantities for a subtle shimmer and shouldn’t stain your skin or clothes. However, it’s a good practice to allow the body butter to absorb fully before dressing to minimize any transfer.

5. Can I use this body butter year-round?
Yes, you can use it year-round, but be mindful of sun exposure if you apply it during the day due to the lemon essential oil. Consider using it primarily in the evening or before bedtime to avoid skin sensitivity to sunlight.

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The steps for how to make this easy DIY Body Moisturizing Butter with lemon are demonstrated between the timestamps 3m28s and 5m19s of this video.

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