DIY Lip Balm Recipe with Mango Bliss: Embrace Soft and Juicy Lips

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Welcome to our latest DIY adventure! In this guide, we’re presenting a DIY Lip Balm Recipe with a delightful twist: Mango! Get ready to pamper your lips with our easy-to-follow tutorial.

Perfect for pairing with our previously shared DIY Easy Lip Scrub for Supple Lips, this recipe promises soft, juicy lips. If you’ve enjoyed our other lip balm recipes, you’ll love this mango-infused variation. Let’s dive in!

Ingredients Needed

  • Solid cocoa butter
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Natural beeswax
  • Mica color powder, orange color
  • Food flavoring, mango flavor

Choose high-quality ingredients to boost the effectiveness and safety of your DIY beauty products.

Tools Needed

  • Scale to weigh quantities
  • Small stainless steel bowl
  • Knife to cut the solid cocoa butter into small pieces
  • Wooden popsicle stick
  • Small silicone spatula
  • Two small containers to store the DIY Lip Balm. It is preferable to place the lip balm in a container that can hold 10 grams (0.35 oz). The quantity we are preparing will fit two such containers.

Prior to use, ensure that both your utensils and containers are properly cleaned and disinfected. Wash them with warm soapy water, dry with a tissue, and then sanitize by spraying with 70% medical alcohol. Wipe them clean and let them air dry before use.

Steps: DIY Lip Balm Recipe

For the DIY Lip Balm Recipe with Mango Bliss to succeed, please ensure that you adhere to the quantities indicated below exactly.

1- Begin by cutting the solid cocoa butter into small pieces with a knife.

2- Put 10 grams (0.35 oz) of the cocoa butter pieces in a small stainless steel bowl.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Put cocoa butter pieces in a bowl
Put cocoa butter pieces in a bowl

3- Add 10 grams (0.35 oz) of sweet almond oil.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Add sweet almond oil
Add sweet almond oil

4- Add 4 grams (0.14 oz) of beeswax.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Add beeswax
Add beeswax

5- Now we add the mica color. With the tip of a wooden popsicle stick, add a tiny amount of the orange color. This is suitable for a mango-themed lip balm.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Add orange color mica powder
Add orange color mica powder

6- Gently heat and melt the ingredients in a bain-marie (hot water bath). A bain-marie is made by placing the bowl in a larger pot of hot, steaming water. This will gradually heat and melt the contents. Make sure to stir while the mixture is melting, using a small silicone spatula. Avoid boiling.

Note: For this DIY product, we have added the mica color powder to the other ingredients before placing the bowl in a bain-marie. This way, heating and melting the contents ensures a good distribution of the color in the lip balm mixture.

7- When you are satisfied that the cocoa butter and beeswax have completely melted, remove the bowl out of the bain-marie, and continue stirring for a minute or so.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Cocoa butter and beeswax are fully melted
Cocoa butter and beeswax are fully melted

8- Add 5 to 7 drops of food flavoring, mango flavor. Be cautious not to add more, as it might become overwhelming. To ensure the right amount, rely on the scent of the mixture; a light mango fragrance indicates a good balance.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Add mango food flavoring
Add mango food flavoring

9- Stir the contents with the silicone spatula.

10- Pour the mixture in two small containers.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Pour the lip balm mixture in a small container
Pour the lip balm mixture in a small container

11- Allow the DIY Lip Balm to cool down, thus acquiring the balmy consistency.

DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Final product
DIY Lip Balm Recipe. Final product

How to Use: DIY Lip Balm

After indulging in our mango-themed lip scrub, it’s time to complete your lip care routine with this DIY Lip Balm.

  1. Ensure your lips are clean and free from any scrub residue.
  2. Take a small amount of the DIY Lip Balm on your fingertip or a clean lip brush.
  3. Gently apply the lip balm to your lips, starting from the center and working outwards.
  4. Use your fingertips to massage the balm in gentle, circular motions for even coverage and absorption.
  5. Reapply the lip balm throughout the day as needed to maintain hydration and nourishment.
  6. Enjoy the tropical sensation and embrace your soft, mango-kissed lips!


Here are the benefits of the DIY Lip Balm Recipe with Mango Bliss:

  1. Intense Hydration: Keeps lips soft and supple with deep moisturization.
  2. Nourishment: Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it rejuvenates delicate lip skin, promoting overall lip health.
  3. Protection: Forms a protective barrier, shielding lips from dryness, chapping, and environmental stressors.
  4. Non-Greasy: Provides long-lasting moisture without leaving a greasy residue.
  5. Natural Radiance: Enhances lip color with a subtle tint, adding a touch of natural beauty.
  6. Delightful Sensation: Infused with a delicious mango scent and taste, making lip care enjoyable and refreshing.

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